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James T. Dutton

200 Austin Avenue, Staunton, VA 24401
Email: info@santiagochocolates.com
Telephone: 540-885-1845

Order Form

(for chocolates ready by April 30)

Box Sizes Available. Chocolates are available in boxes of four different sizes (see the order form below). Ordinarily each box will contain a mixture of dark, milk, and white chocolates. To order an amount larger than the box quantities listed (such as for a party when you will plate the chocolates or for favors for which you have your own boxes), use the “Additional Information” area below; I will contact you with pricing. If you wish to place a large order for a special occasion, contact me by email or phone.

How to Order. Use the order form below: enter the number of items you wish in the left column and the totals will be calculated automatically. The Virginia sales tax on food is included in the price. When you have finished entering all requested information, click the “Submit Order” button. You will receive a summary of the items you ordered and later an email from me confirming the order. If you need to change an order already submitted, it is best if you phone or email me.

Pickup of Chocolates. I will send an email when the chocolates are complete and, at that time, will request a day and time when you wish to pick up your chocolates at my home, 200 Austin Avenue, Staunton (see a map for locating my house). Payment may be made in cash, by check (made out to “Santiago Chocolates”), or by credit card online (the credit card payment link will be provided in the later email notifying you that the chocolates are ready).

Orders ready by April 30

Deadline for ordering: April 16

Order Form for Boxes

No. of Boxes OrderedDescriptionPrice per BoxSubtotal
6 pieces in chocolate brown gift box with clear lid$10
12 pieces in gold and chocolate brown gift box$20
20 pieces in gold and chocolate brown gift box$30
30 pieces in gold and chocolate brown gift box$40
Total Cost of Boxes:

Total cost of order:   

Enter the information in the boxes below. If I need to contact you about the order, I will use the email address you specify unless you prefer that I use the phone (if you do, please include your phone number below). All fields marked * are required.

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Note: Clicking the Submit button more than once will result in the submission of multiple orders.